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San Antonio Bankruptcy - Consumers in America

Consumers in America are programmed from birth that buying goods and services is a positive thing. Banks, Credit Card companies, retailers, Car companies, and other lending institutions, constantly barrage consumers to take on new debt offering incentives to buy now and pay later.

Advertising Agencies are highly paid to persuade consumers to buy now and pay later. The message to buy and buy is on TV, Radio, Schools & Colleges, the Internet and everywhere else you can this of. Today you can use credit to purchase everything from groceries to breast enlargements to mortgages, and gambling online.

This easily available credit makes living beyond ones means to easy to resist. With so many Americans encouraged to go deeper in debt any ordinary set back in life such as a temporary loss of work or an illness can result in a financial catastrophe. An illness, loss of work or bad planning shouldn’t have such bleak and dire financial consequences. Consumers in America have options.

The good news is there is a way to address this debt. The Bankruptcy Code was enacted by congress to protect the rights of debtors and is a worthy part of our legal system in that it offers honest debtors a fresh financial start. The Bankruptcy laws exist to help honest, hard working people through financial difficulties and trying times.   Don't allow fear or embarrassment to prevent you from asserting your legal rights under the Bankruptcy Code.   Bankruptcy protection may allow you to Stop Foreclosure, Stop Repossession, End Creditor Harassment as well as Discharge Credit Card Debt, Medical Bills, Certain Taxes & Judgments.

Do not feel guilty about utilizing bankruptcy protection to reorganize your financial affairs as it provides a responsible approach to Debt Relief and a chance for a fresh financial start. Banks will continue to issue credit cards irrespective of your filing for Bankruptcy. Banks and Credit Card Companies lobbied Congress for years to make it more difficult for Consumers in America to discharge their Debts in Bankruptcy. Their influence on Congress to change certain provisions of the Bankruptcy Code resulted in The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.

The New Bankruptcy Law received a lot of media and press attention for its consumer provisions. The Media with made it sound like it would be so much more difficult and maybe even impossible to file for bankruptcy protection under the New Bankruptcy Law. The changes in the law were expected to make it much more difficult for Consumers in America to file for Bankruptcy and much harder to eliminate certain types of debts. These changes to the bankruptcy laws became fully effective on October 17, 2005 and since that time there have been many people who are under the wrong impression that bankruptcy relief is no longer available since the changes to the law took effect. In fact, the new bankruptcy laws have had little effect on most people and in some cases, the new laws are even more favorable then they were before.

Bankruptcy Debt Relief is Still Available…

It's still possible to do almost everything under the New Bankruptcy Law that people did under the Old Bankruptcy Law. There's still plenty of help available for those seeking Bankruptcy Debt Relief. If you are having financial problems, or face losing you home to foreclosure, or have been threatened with repossession of your motor vehicle, you may be a candidate for Bankruptcy Relief.   Filing for Bankruptcy Debt Relief does a lot of things, but one of the primary benefits Bankruptcy did under the old law, and still does under the new law, is to help you, and other good, honest, hard-working people eliminate or significantly reduce debts which can put you back in control of your finances. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help put your life back together and put you back in control while allowing you to keep your most important assets. 

As a Consumer in America, the world of Debt can become very stressful is you fall behind on your bills or encounter unexpected financial problems. Understanding your legal rights and options available is the first step in resolving your financial problems. Whether you’re seeking to file for Bankruptcy or are looking for Bankruptcy Alternatives, knowing when to consult a Bankruptcy Lawyer can be a matter of financial Life or Debt.

If you reside in San Antonio and need to consult a lawyer about Debt Relief or have questions about filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy please contact The Law Offices of R.J.Atkinson,LLC at 210-805-9909 for a free initial consultation to discuss your legal options. With locations in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas we may be able to help you file for Debt Relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Don’t Lose Everything. Get Control Today…


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